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    Aladdin Insane's Who's Who

    Ambra Mattioli Musicista Lead Vocalist David Bowie Tribute
    Ambra Mattioli


    Lead vocalist, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica

    She started in 1976 with the band" Cronosfera ", then in London in 1978 guitar and … open case  at Marble Arch underground station, then Piano bar for 15 years with maestro Stefani. With the Clips (Luigi Mas, Raffaele Califano and Andrea  Pistilli ) as a side group, she participated in the tour of Nico in Italy in 1986, and stayed with them until 1989.  After that, she worked in RCA Italia with Migliacci , Petrossi , Fia and Basile. From 2007 to 2011 she was the leading singer in Lady Stardust & Diamond Dogs tribute to David Bowie, with Angelo Caselli and Fabrizio Nicastro. From 2011 on she is  Aladdin Insane's leading voice.


    Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , harmonica


    Main activities: Ebonist (planning and interior decorating using precious and exotic wooden materials); painter (degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the Free School of Nude with Professor Boezio Balestrelli). Since 1990 her works are hosted in the main European exhibitions and art catalogs and her creations are displayed in public and private offices in Geneva and New York; writer (some short stories and the better known sci-fi trilogy, in Italian, The Arcade, Il Collezionista di Opportunità -in 2011 ranked fifth place in Mondadori Urania's contest- and Fatti per non durare. The trilogy, also known as Amber's World in English language, is on Amazon books). She is married and mother of two male twins (one of them is a bass player, and the other one is a singer with a couple of rising bands). Her grown up dream is to relax and have not a damn thing to do!


    Tommaso Tella Aladdi Insane David Bowie Tribute
    Tommaso Tella


    Electric & Acoustic Guitar

    The guitar whacked him late in his life, but he kept whacking his father's eardrums who then whacked him in return. That is why it is such a whacko! He had his first rock experience with Luciano Fubelli, a bass guitar player new same as himself on music experience. They calmly unleashed their enthusiasm, replicating all the possible sounds of the 80s, with a partiality for the Cure and The Clash repertoire. He founded the Black Magara band with Paola Canestrelli, Lorenzo Mammi, Caterina Mammi and Fabio Osso, producing recording of covers and original songs. He then participated to the Gram Plus project with Agno Varallo, Paolo Carluccio and Lorenzo Mammi, where they also produced their own pieces. After that, he joined for a short while the Kaiser Soze band (Luca Latini, Max Pescosolido, Flavio Monosilio and Michele Tritto) with a repertoire of grunge rock covers. With Cesca and Max Brunori, and Robert Prandini, he tried a first, short-lived attempt to create a group that was later to evolve into the present Aladdin Insane.


    Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar


    Main activities: Trying to teach I.T.!

    Francesco Infarinato Aladdin InsaneDavid Bowie Tribute
    Francesco Infarinato


    Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Back Vocals


    Versatile musician, composer, singer, he plays several instruments and started his career at the age of nine, in the Choir of Rome's Opera Theatre. He has kept studying music hoping to avoid real work and has written songs,  jingles, soundtracks for movies and plays. He has worked with top artists such as Ennio Morricone, Luis Bacalov, Roger Waters, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Zeffirelli, Noemi. He has played in several world tours (Australia, Argentina, USA, Brasil, Chorea, China, Uzbekistan, Spain, Poland, Germany, Slovenia) and has succeeded in stubbornly maintaining his penniless status. Ska, pop, classical,  glam rock music, electronics and electricals, he loves them all.

    He has played with a lot of different people in a lot of different places, cool ones and rat holes alike. He can befriend anyone, even inanimate objects.


    Instrument: Piano, keyboards, choirs, acoustic guitar


    Main activities: In his free time, he pretends to be an expert bio-engineer in a Research Institute in Rome

    Luciano Fubelli Aladdin Insane David Bowie Tribute
    Luciano  Fubelli


    Bass Guitar

    He started in the 80s, playing the bass guitar with Tommaso Tella,  and ... the anvil and hammer in his blacksmith shop. Even when he did not really stroke the anvil, but just the bass strings, still succeeded in destroying the peace in the building where he lived, practicing bass guitar in his garage below it. Finally he was out of the garage, playing covers and their own songs with the Black Magara band (Tommy Gun, Paola Canestrelli, Lorenzo Mammi, Caterina Mammi, Fabio Osso) ... still pounding iron on the anvil. Past the adventure with Black Magara band he moved back to the garage (at least finally soundproofed) and involved himself in several musical projects and collaborations. At the end Tommaso Tella lured him back to his bass guitar strings and the newborn Aladdin Insane band, where he still plays. 


    Instruments: Bass guitar, fretless bass


    Main activities: ... thanks to his increasing experience in striking and pounding he is now an accomplished craftsman, blacksmith and artist.

    Marco Di Nicolantonio Aladdin Insane David Bowie Tribute
    Marco Di Nicolantonio


    Drums & percussions


    Guitar was his first musical instrument, but not the most suitable for him, he soon realized. He really found himself more passionate about drums. In 1980 he got drum lessons from Roberto Gatto at Saint Louis, then he went on as self-taught, playing in several bands, Rock, Jazz, and Funky music (one of his great loves). In 1985, he was co-founder of “Fasten Belt”. Marco played with them for 10 years. In this period they produced 3 records: two in English, one in Italian with BMG RCA in 1995, having various concerts and TV shows, in programs such as Segnali di Fumo, Roxy Bar, VideoMusic. Finished this experience, he played American Folk music, and Fabrizio De André tribute, with Franco Fosca, a well-known street artist at Piazza Navona. In recent years he has collaborated with “2hurt”, a Desert Rock band founded by Paolo Bertozzi, also a former member of “Fasten Belt”. Last, but not the least, he plays drums with both “LIMA” Clash tribute band, and “Kid Is Gone” Garage Rock band.

    Now, with great pleasure, he is playing with Italy's premier David Bowie tribute band Aladdin Insane from Rome!


    Instruments: Drums, Percussions


    Main activitieslooking for the best ... 





    Lorenzo Perracino Aladdin Insane David Bowie Tribute
    Lorenzo Perracino


    Sax, Flute, Back Vocals


    In 2017 he joins the Aladdin Insane.

    Lorenzo was born in Biella, Italy, in 1986, and then moved a few years later with his family to Rome, where he currently lives.

    He studied at the Conservatorium of music "O. Respighi" in Latina with Daniele Caporaso, starting to perform as a soloist and a chamber musician. He graduated with top marks in 2008.

    He maintains an active career as a freelance musician across a wide range of chamber, orchestral, contemporary, and light music, performing at most of the greatest concert halls and venues in Italy and abroad, touring in the Netherlands, Hungary, and Romania.

    During his career he had the pleasure to play for artists as Francesco De Gregori, Gigi Proietti, Robin Banerjee (guitarist of Amy Winehouse), Joe D'Urso, Tom Griesgraber, Joe Rapolla, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, and many more.

    As 1st Alto he has played with the "Roma Electric Orchestra”, conducted by Claudio Micheli with the cooperation of Ennio Morricone, Franco Battiato, Enrico Ghezzi, Vincenzo Cerami and Walter Mauro.

    He has also worked extensively in theatres for plays and musicals, such as “The Merchant of Venice” in 2016 at the Globe Theatre in Rome, adapted and directed by Loredana Scaramella.

    In 2015 he had the honour of performing at the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii during the second edition of “Ludi Pompeiani”, and to release the album “Ritratto Impersonale” with a live performance at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

    Lorenzo has also performed and composed for various radio and TV productions around Europe such as Mediaset, Rai, RTL Hungary, TVR, Radio Europa FM, Magic FM, Rete Oro, Last FM, RadioRadio, and many more.



    Instrument: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Transverse Flute


    Main activities: I'm just a prisoner of Rock'n'roll!!!

    Allman is the one and only Allman .


    Tools: Road Manager, Organization, Logistics, Liquorice, Transportation, Equipment Assembly and Removal, Camera, Photos, Solutions to unexpected and unforseen prolems, Kinder Bueno, Good Advices, stale Pocketcoffees, bare hands or gloved (if necessary) .


    Instrument: Left and Rigth Hand,  Pocket money, Contracts, Banks.


    Main activities: considering everything he already does, what else can we ask?



    Roberto Prandini


    Former Drummer

    Co-founder of the Aladdin Insane. He played with us from 2010 to 2012. At present following his passion: he plays Jazz with the Swinging Trio band.

    Stefano Pezzuto


    Former Piano and Keyboards

    Aladdin Insane member from 2010 to 2014. At the time following a new inspiration: he plays his own music.

    Lorenzo Mandelli


    Former Sax

    Aladdin Insane member from 2015 to 2017. At the time following an old project about his own music.

    Lorenzo  Mammi


    Former Drummer


    Aladdin Insane member from 2013 to 2017. At the time following others working processes. Back soon in a new musical project.

    Caterina Mammi


    Former Back Vocals
    Caterina Mammi Aladdin Insane

    Aladdin Insane member from 2010 to 2017.

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