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    BackLine Aladdin Insane

    Drum Set

    Kick 22", Tom10", Tom14", FloorTom 16", RockSnare14",

    SABIAN Stage Hats AAX14", Thin Crash AA 16", Rock Crash AA18",

    Stage Ride AAX 20"

    Guitar Ampli

    Marshall JCM800 or FENDER 65' TWIN REVERB or Peavey Classic 30


    Bass Ampli

    Trace Elliot TE715 X 600W Combo or Head MARKBASS LMK400Watt,

    Amp MARK BASS Standard104HF 4x10


    Stage Piano: Roland RD 2000

    Workstation: Korg Kronos 61

    Synthetizer: MicroKorg


    Voice Microphones

    Lead voice: Sennheiser E945, Sennheiser ew 100 G4-945-S-A1,

    Neumann KMS 104 P48

    Back vocals: Shure sm or beta 58

    Voice Effects

    Lead Voice: Digitech VLHM-V-01

    Back vocals: TC Helicon Perform VK

    Aladdin Insane's Stage Plan 2018
    Stage Plan 2018 Legenda.png
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